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What to Consider When Organising International Laboratory Removals

24th May 2018

Packing up and moving a scientific lab is a delicate and detailed operation in itself – but international laboratory removals involve an even more complex process that must be well thought out and carefully managed to ensure success. At Johnsons we’re well versed in the nuances of international laboratory removals. Here we share six key[…]

Why Your Choice Of Laboratory Moving Company Counts

3rd May 2018

When it comes to laboratory relocation, specialist assistance is almost always required. Here we explain why lab moves can be so complex, and how to choose a reputable, responsible removals firm to help you organise your lab move confidently and cost-effectively. Safety is key First and foremost, safety (both for laboratory staff, transportation partners and[…]

As The Scientific Sector Grows In Britain, So Does Demand For UK Lab Services

1st May 2018

The UK has long been a hub for scientific development in all sectors – from medical research and biological breakthroughs to the cutting-edge development of chemical agents and advancements. Government initiatives aim to attract companies from overseas to invest and grow in the UK, inviting them to take advantage of the talent base emerging from[…]

Great Expectations And Grand Discoveries at Cambridge Research Laboratory

Cambridge has consistently come out on top for scientific developments and breakthroughs throughout its rich history as an academic and educational institution. Over the years Cambridge research laboratories have produced multiple astounding discoveries with life-changing repercussions all over the globe. Here we share three of the most prolific and important discoveries to date – from[…]

Key Things To Consider During The Hospital Moving Process

26th April 2018

When relocating a hospital or hospital ward there is a multitude of aspects to consider and carefully arrange. Here we share three key elements to plan for, and explain how Johnsons project managers can help with the hospital moving process from communication and preparation to aftercare and specialist support. Communicate with staff and patients Communication[…]

4 Things You Should Consider When Discussing A Lab Relocation With Laboratory Movers

Communication is key during all stages of a laboratory move – so it’s important to understand how you will liaise with the experts responsible for the removal as well as colleagues and staff throughout the process. Here we share four key things to consider when discussing transportation and relocation with laboratory movers. Rules and regulations[…]

Good Lab Practice and Why It’s So Important

15th March 2018

Good laboratory practice is paramount for UK labs – as stringent adherence to regulation ensures licence renewal, optimum results and staff satisfaction. Here we explore the relevance and importance of good lab practice and explain how Johnsons lab services can help. What does good lab practice involve? The term ‘good lab practice’ serves as an[…]

The Importance of a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

A laboratory relocation is often a complex and sensitive operation – requiring a cohesive effort involving multiple agencies and specialists. Relocation can be further complicated by the presence of dangerous goods – often found in a range of laboratories. Despite this some providers don’t include a dangerous goods safety advisor as standard – potentially leaving[…]

The Balance of Effective Cold Chain Transportation

14th March 2018

Cold chain transportation requires a delicate balance of multiple services, all executed with care and compliance. It’s used extensively in the science sector to ensure the safe movement of sensitive goods such as samples, medicines and more. Here we explain the importance of getting specialist cold chain transportation services on-side when planning a laboratory move[…]

Chemical Disposal And The Importance Of Getting It Right

8th March 2018

Chemical disposal is a default requirement for hundreds of laboratories throughout the UK. In today’s blog we explain the importance of responsible chemical disposal, and share our eco-conscious, diverse methodology that ensures safe and sustainable practice. Why is safe chemical disposal important? The importance of safe chemical disposal may seem obvious – but there are[…]


“We have very positive feedback from the end users regarding all the crews involved in the move. Indeed at a steering group meeting this week one of the senior scientist not only praised the move teams but also requested if the same teams could be used for the move into the CL2 building next year.”

The Pirbright Institute

“The Johnsons team worked well with our own internal project team to make the overall move a success. The main phase went without any significant issues, and this was a testament to the close management and supervision of the Johnsons team at both sites during the 3 days of the move.”

Mark Garrod, Redx Pharma

“We have a good working relationship and specifically use Johnsons as they are competitive, always turn up on time with the correct number of operatives, and their removal team is always courteous which matters especially when patients and our staff are affected.”

David Shepherd, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

“Johnsons Laboratory Logistics have been providing relocation services to us for a number of years now. They are competitive, reliable and trustworthy.”

Iain Ramsey, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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