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Redx Pharma

23 October 2017


  • Project move management
  • Chemical relocation
  • Packing, transfer and unpacking of all large scientific equipment
  • Packing and unpacking of all IT equipment
  • Dismantling and reassembling racking and large desks
  • Removal and fitting of pictures and fume cabinets from walls
  • Provision of storage

The Project

Johnsons Business Moves undertook a relocation for RedX Pharma; moving them from The Royal Liverpool University Hospital to Alderley Park.

The laboratory relocation consisted of 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 – August – 25% of laboratory space
  • Phase 2 – September – 75% of laboratory space

Powered Transport Cost

A number of fridges/freezers needed to be relocated between Liverpool and Alderley Park with samples kept at specific temperatures, we therefore provided RedX Pharma with a cost option for powered transport between the two sites. Our powered transport has the ability to plug several three pin plug appliance in during transfer with the power supply run by a specialist separately run generator to the running of the vehicle. This would mean that if the vehicle broke down in between the collection and delivery address then the fridges and freezers would not be compromised.

In addition to this, we provided polystyrene sample boxes, gel packs and dry ice to pack contents into to ensure that they are kept at appropriate transfer temperatures.

Added Value

  • Due to our contract with AstraZeneca, we have worked on site at Alderley Park for over 10 years. We therefore allocated the same staff to this project, utilising the site knowledge which they had built up over the years.
  • We were able to plug in to our full time on site Account Manager who was able to assist with any unforeseen issues that arose on site.
  • Our Project Move Manager and Senior Supervisor / Backup Project Move Manager were both PRINCE2 certified, this means that every stage of the removal was carefully and strategically planned and RedX were be able to oversee the running of the project through detailed reports and feedback.
  • We employed an in-house QHSE Manager and Dangerous Good Safety Advisor who facilitated communications with both JBM’s Project Move Manger and the Relocation Manager at RedX Pharma to ensure all working activities were being carried out in line with all appropriate health, safety, environmental and quality regulations and legislation.
  • We provided in-house ADR Drivers and Chemical Transfer Specialists who were fully trained and experienced in carrying out projects of a similar scope.

The Result

Taking advantage of our site knowledge, we were able to provide a flexible and dynamic approach to completing this project. We liaised with the Building Manager throughout the process, providing regular updates and reporting in to the key stakeholders when required. Overall, the project was delivered successfully.


“RedX Pharma chose Johnsons Business Moves to relocate ~80 personnel and scientific equipment from Liverpool to Cheshire, and also a further 30 personnel and their equipment within the site at Cheshire. The main relocation from Liverpool was carried out in 3 phases to minimise business disruption, and the Johnsons team worked well with our own internal project team to make the overall move a success.

The 1st phase was valuable as a learning exercise for both parties, and the only major issues encountered were on this phase, proving it showed its merit as a trial. The main 2nd phase went without any significant issues, and this was a testament to the close management and supervision of the Johnsons team at both sites during the 3 days of the move, and the learning gained from phase 1. We even overcame the breakdown of a critical goods lift (twice) during that period. Johnsons came on site ahead of each phase to check loads, and communicate labelling and packaging instructions, which also made the actual move days less onerous.

One of our concerns was the ability of the team to safely handle delicate and expensive scientific equipment, and also manage the compliant transport of chemicals and biological materials. This all generally worked well, bar one item being damaged in transit, but Johnsons insurance cover picked up the cost of the repair without issue.

Redx Pharma have already considered Johnsons for additional jobs following this project.”

Mark Garrod, Redx Pharma Relocation Project Manager


“We have very positive feedback from the end users regarding all the crews involved in the move. Indeed at a steering group meeting this week one of the senior scientist not only praised the move teams but also requested if the same teams could be used for the move into the CL2 building next year.”

The Pirbright Institute

“The Johnsons team worked well with our own internal project team to make the overall move a success. The main phase went without any significant issues, and this was a testament to the close management and supervision of the Johnsons team at both sites during the 3 days of the move.”

Mark Garrod, Redx Pharma

“We have a good working relationship and specifically use Johnsons as they are competitive, always turn up on time with the correct number of operatives, and their removal team is always courteous which matters especially when patients and our staff are affected.”

David Shepherd, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

“Johnsons Laboratory Logistics have been providing relocation services to us for a number of years now. They are competitive, reliable and trustworthy.”

Iain Ramsey, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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