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Croda Europe Ltd

8 October 2020

The Project

In January 2020, Johnsons undertook the planning and relocation of Croda’s laboratory relocation from Ditton in Cheshire. Our ADR trained team use a number of pieces of relocation equipment to safely and carefully relocate all laboratory items/equipment (scissor lifting tables/pallet trucks/non-slip wheeled sack trucks and skates). Special shock and tilt monitors were used on the delicate/high-value items that we packed and relocated to ensure that they can be checked at the delivery end, with an auditable trail to confirm that careful, safe and correct handling techniques have been used.

Scope of Services

  • 2 no. days Laboratory Move Manager to undertake the planning and preparation prior to the commencement of the move
  • Provision of our DGSA (Dangerous Goods & Safety Advisor) to support and provide the legally required transportation documentation
  • Supply of experienced/trained/uniformed JLL relocation team members
  • Supply of ADR compliant vehicles and certified ADR drivers as required (to relocate the biohazard level 1 & 2 freezer contents)
  • Provision of shock and tilt monitors for high value/delicate equipment (Mass Spec/HPLCs)
  • Packing and unpacking of all larger/heavier laboratory items in to/out of bespoke wooden crates and on/off pallets
  • Supply of UN compliant thermo-shipping poly boxes and 40kg dry ice to support the relocation of the biohazard level 1 & 2 contents
  • Supply of 6 x bespoke built wooden crates with insulated foam lining (for the relocate of larger/delicate equipment), as well as crates, bubble wrap and labels
  • Supply of polyboxes and chilled gel packs to support the relocation of loose fridge items that cannot be secured in the fridge for transport
  • Building protection for al main doorways/walkways/lifts as required
  • Goods in transit Insurance of up to £1m total value as standard


Could you please say a big thank you to the whole relocation team. It went really well, smoothly, with no major problems, so I’m very happy with the whole process.”

Relocation of Level 1 and 2 Freezer Contents and -80 Freezer

To support the integrity of the biohazard level 1 & 2 freezer contents, we supplied UN compliant/standard thermal shippers with dry ice/gel packs.

For the relocation of the -80 freezer, we supplied a 185-litre capacity TC10 thermal-shipper. The TC10 is a high-quality Thermal Control Unit made with polystyrene and fibreboard and has been specially designed to relocate frozen material with dry ice being used as a coolant. The TC10 has a dry ice loss rate of 457.5 grams per hour (based on an average outside temperature of 30 degrees) so ensured that any -80 freezer contents that were being transported would have sufficient coolant to cover the relocation requirement with an adequate amount of contingency time being incorporated.

In addition to the physical transportation of the freezer, it provided an extra level of contingency should the -80 freezer have had any issues and didn’t power upon arrival at the new address.

Move Management

One of our leading Laboratory Move Manages was assigned to undertake this project, completing all the necessary planning tasks, ensuring all aspect of the project were planned and completed safely and correctly. Prior to the relocation, he attended site and undertook a number of measures to ensure the live move day ran effectively:

  • Measured up all larger items that required bespoke wooden crates (items that will not fit into standard L3C or IT6 crates)
  • Ran through the logistics of the relocation with the Croder Laboratory Manager to see if there was a preferred sequencing method
  • Confirmed the relocation requirements for the fridges/freezers and ensured that we were in possession of all information to safely and legally relocate all the contents
  • Validated all requirements/items that are to be relocated
  • Supplied packing and labelling advice for the items that the client was responsible for
  • Completed an audit of the site/s to ensure that compliant Risk Assessments and Method Statements are produced and provided and record what building protection is required


“We have very positive feedback from the end users regarding all the crews involved in the move. Indeed at a steering group meeting this week one of the senior scientist not only praised the move teams but also requested if the same teams could be used for the move into the CL2 building next year.”

The Pirbright Institute

“The Johnsons team worked well with our own internal project team to make the overall move a success. The main phase went without any significant issues, and this was a testament to the close management and supervision of the Johnsons team at both sites during the 3 days of the move.”

Mark Garrod, Redx Pharma

“We have a good working relationship and specifically use Johnsons as they are competitive, always turn up on time with the correct number of operatives, and their removal team is always courteous which matters especially when patients and our staff are affected.”

David Shepherd, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

“Johnsons Laboratory Logistics have been providing relocation services to us for a number of years now. They are competitive, reliable and trustworthy.”

Iain Ramsey, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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