Chemical & Sample Relocation

We can safely transport your fragile display equipment

Our Laboratory Logistics team can also support you if you’re exhibiting at a trade fair, industry exhibition or other promotional event. Our highly trained, professional personnel can transport your fragile display equipment to and from the venue with the utmost care and attention. We can also position your products to the best effect on the display stands and ensure that they are securely sited. As part of this service, we can provide interim storage between events of all equipment that is used for display purposes.

We can handle the whole logistical process for you

Over the years, we recognised that more and more clients wanted us to handle the whole logistical process. In addition to taking care of all packing, moving and handling of equipment and materials from the collection address, and installing them at the new site. Our clients also want us to manage the process of ensuring each item has been installed and tested. If the item requires calibrating or fitting into a new setup onsite we will ensure that this process is undertaken with IQ OQ PQ qualified personnel including validation and documentation as needed.


Planning is key to any delivery and installation project. Our team are highly trained to identify any potential risks or obstructions and ways to mitigate these risks during the project. A detailed site survey will be undertaken at both sites to understand any potential access issues relating to; staircases, lifts, doorways, handrails, mid-flight landings, radiators, light fittings, air locks to name a few. We will also identify and mitigate any perceived risks to your staff and visitors at your sites, ensuring a safe installation can be achieved each and every time.

In short, we have considerable experience of delivery and installation for a variety of clients covering specialist laboratory life science moves, chemical relocations, cold chain removals, maternity, baby and children’s hospital wards, scientific equipment moves, active debris moves, and dangerous goods removals.