International Moves

Managing international moves near and far

Moving house in the same area or even relocating to a new town or city can be a daunting process. It can be even more stressful if you’re moving to a new country. That’s why at Johnsons, we take all of the hassle and uncertainty out of moving. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just hand it all over to one company to take care of everything? Well you can.

Johnsons have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables us to comfortably handle any international relocation. We provide full door-to-door international removal services including professional export packing at your home, shipping, customs clearance, delivery and unpacking at your new location.

Overseas Move

We have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience which enables us to comfortably manage any relocation overseas. We provide a full, professional relocation service to include export packing at your home, shipping, customs clearance, delivery, and unpacking at your final destination.

A full door-to-door managed international removal service, from booking the container ship to arriving at your new location. We take the hassle out of international moving, making your move to another country as stress-free as possible for you and your family.

Ensuring safe arrival, on time

Moving overseas can be very complex. For many, this isn’t a regular occurrence and there are a number of risks associated when moving abroad. On top of all the organising and packing, there’s border control in a new country, customs clearance, varying laws and legislation on what you can and can’t take into different countries. Plus, items have to be packed in a particular way to ensure safe handling, whilst also satisfying custom regulations.

We’ve managed many moves overseas and have the experience and knowledge to ensure that this is a smooth process. We can plan everything for you, coordinating travel times and ferry times to ensure that everything arrives on the day you need it to, without any snags or delays.

How will your possessions travel?

When moving to a country outside of Europe, your possessions will travel by sea in metal freight containers. The cost of transportation will be based on how much container space is required for your items. Although we make every effort to protect and secure your belongings, depending on the destination, transport by sea can take anything up to three months. During this time, your items are at risk of loss or damage. We therefore provide optional insurance for your possessions to give you added peace of mind.

Should a delay occur which prevents you from transporting or taking delivery of your belongings on the date planned, we can arrange short-term storage for you at one of our centres.

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Moving within Europe

For relocations within Europe, we will transport your possessions by lorry to your final destination. Our removal lorries can each accommodate the contents of an average size three-bedroom property. Smaller loads that do not fill an entire lorry may be available and will cost less, but the time taken to arrive at the final destination may take longer, depending on the route and delivery schedule.

Sharing the load

Maybe you only have a small amount of furniture, or a car that you need to move? We help lots of clients around Europe move on a regular basis, so we can consolidate your load with other people so you can share the cost.

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Door-to-door relocations

We allocate a dedicated Move Manager to help support and guide you through your moving process.

We will compile detailed inventories that capture calculated volume and weights for all your goods. Each item is individually assessed to identify what packing and protection measures need to be put in place, ensuring all your items are delivered safely to your new home abroad.

Johnsons Currency Exchange

Why not let Johnsons handle your currency transfers by taking advantage of our competitive exchange rates. We offer a 0% commission service with a zero transfer fee when you purchase a property abroad or need to make payments to another country.

Moving your pets abroad

Our five star service extends to every member of your family. So let Johnsons team of animal loving specialists take care of your pets with Care, Integrity and Respect, ensuring a safe and stress-free transfer to your pets new home abroad.

Let us manage the process for you, ensuring each step of the transfer is hassle free. We will guide you through the importing process using our step by step Pet Moving Guide that includes:

  1. Ensuring your pet is correctly certified
  2. Registering your pets new ID tag
  3. Medical regulations
  4. Importing laws
  5. Quick transfer through quarantine and customs

Whether you're moving within Europe or moving overseas, we can help. Contact Johnsons today for a free, no obligation move quotation.