The Pirbright Institute

The Project
Johnsons Moving Services were appointed to plan and relocate the main research facilities which included moving a number of specialist pieces of equipment (such as real-time PCR systems, incubators, HPLC systems, microscopes, centrifuges and Spectrophotometers), laboratory samples in a combination of +4, -20, -80, -150 and liquid nitrogen storage, Johnsons packed and client packed crates and on site student accommodation furniture and gym equipment. The Client is undertaking a two large phase relocation of their research laboratories from Compton to near Woking in phase 1 and an onsite relocation on phase 2.

The move Programme consisted of:

2 x phases of moves (phase 1 already completed in June-Aug 2015, phase 2 to be completed in January-February 2016)

The Challenge

  • Develop a move planning strategy that was not going to be disruptive to the ongoing science
  • Ensuring all redundant furniture was cleared from the buildings to meet the clients programme
  • Co-ordinate both our IT teams (undertaking decommissioning and re-commissioning works) and moves team
  • Ensure that the resource strategy allowed for flexibility due to the changing requirements and number of move phases
  • Control and manage multiple disciplinary teams across both sites
  • Ensuring the integrity of the samples were maintained during the transit period

The Result
Phase 1 was a huge success with no downtime to the client. All specialist equipment, samples, crates and other items were transferred without a single claim to the client’s items or buildings being damaged. Their main concern of the sample transfer was managed seamlessly by The Johnsons Project Move Manager. This was done with specialist ADR compliant polystyrene box + outer being used to transfer the majority of the samples with a combination of gel packs and dry ice being used, along with samples transferred in -80 and -150 freezers in powered transport as well as moving LN samples on fumes in their liquid nitrogen cryostor. The recycling works were delivered with Zero Landfill and a huge CO2 savings that allowed The Pirbright Institute to use against their environmental targets.

“The Pirbright Institute – provided by Joan Shadwell in September 2015
“Dear Dave, We have very positive feedback from the end users regarding all the crews involved in the move. In deed at a steering group meeting this week one of the senior scientist not only praised the move teams but also requested if the same teams could be used for the move into the CL2 building next year. I would also like to add my own positive feedback on the crews who were polite, helpful and extremely efficient.” 
Joan Shadwell, Change Management – Project Manager (September 2015).