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Hall Analytical

8 October 2020

The Project

In 2019, Hall Analytical recognised the requirement for a new space in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Due to their internal staff growth, expansion and growing demand from their business and client base, larger office and laboratory facilities were required, allowing end-users to carry out more sample analysis.

We were awarded the project management, laboratory and office relocations to their new premises in September 2019.

Scope of Services

  • Five-month project preparation by a dedicated Project Manager, commencing in October 2019 with bi-weekly meetings for the first three months, increasing to weekly meetings in the new year
  • Balancing the delivery programme with outside contractors, OEMs and the Covid-19 pandemic limitations
  • All meetings lead by the dedicated Project Manager and key stakeholders involved at Hall Analytical
  • Programme build of concurrent office and laboratory relocation
  • Planning of office layout with HA
  • Furniture analysis and design consultation for the new office in line with an interior design specification
  • OEM Management, sometimes dealing with multiple OEMs for a single piece of equipment
  • Chemical relocation
  • Gas and nitrogen relocation
  • Management of outside contractors incl. electricians who were adjusting the onsite video technology
  • Regular updates from and consultation with our inhouse GDPR officer
  • The delivery team distributed with knowledge and understanding of GLP and UKAS requirements
  • Furniture installation

Covid-19 Implications

In February 2020, the month which our original programming saw the commencement of relocations for Hall Analytical, the UK was preparing to go into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. This meant we weren’t allowed to do a two-man carry of any office furniture or lab equipment, which would prove problematic and force a delay in proceedings.

After gaining approval from the Government to continue working under strict guidelines, the programme was shifted to accommodate for the temporary downtime we experienced, and for the build of new Risk Assessments, Method Statements (RAMS) and the delivery and internal distribution of new, enhanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Once the new methods had been approved both internally and by Hall analytical themselves, the Project Manager rebuilt and re-resourced the programme around other users of the building including the outside contractors and onsite OEMs.

Site Management

Rebuilding the programme meant a full analysis and utilisation of the buildings; access and egress routes, formulating a one-way system to coincide with social distancing rules and the usability requirements of internal staff (scientists etc. who still required access to the building) and external contractors.

We built bespoke move plans for the building users and integrated and distributed Covid-19 safety measures throughout so all users of the building knew where to expect our presence and when.

The Outcome

Hall Analytical was impressed with the precision and professionalism of the team on site. Despite the minor delays caused by Covid-19, we ensured all works were carried out safely, whilst managing a number of key variables. 


“We have very positive feedback from the end users regarding all the crews involved in the move. Indeed at a steering group meeting this week one of the senior scientist not only praised the move teams but also requested if the same teams could be used for the move into the CL2 building next year.”

The Pirbright Institute

“The Johnsons team worked well with our own internal project team to make the overall move a success. The main phase went without any significant issues, and this was a testament to the close management and supervision of the Johnsons team at both sites during the 3 days of the move.”

Mark Garrod, Redx Pharma

“We have a good working relationship and specifically use Johnsons as they are competitive, always turn up on time with the correct number of operatives, and their removal team is always courteous which matters especially when patients and our staff are affected.”

David Shepherd, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

“Johnsons Laboratory Logistics have been providing relocation services to us for a number of years now. They are competitive, reliable and trustworthy.”

Iain Ramsey, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

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